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Learning to Build with Balsa Foam

I am learning how to build models that I can animate with an Arduino. After much exploration, I have decided on Balsa Foam. It is easy to shape, carve and customize. This article will help show you how I learned to build models with Balsa Foam.


The pictures below are the tools I have been experimenting with. The wood dowels were hand carved to be different types of brick and stone stamps. I press the sharp edges onto the foam to imprint a design. Traditional wood carving tools and a razor saw are also helpful.

Tools Overview Wood Tools

The pictures below are some examples of my work. The brickwork is a variety of press tools. The vase was created by turning a block in a Dremel like a lathe. I shaped it with sand paper and an Xacto knife.

Example Brick Work Balsa Foam Vase 

More to come later…